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Put the MOTIVE in Motivation

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Writing Journey

Miami Florida is my home, I was born and raised here and must admit, with the exception of how people drive when it rains, I LOVE IT!  Sports were my life, for the better part of... well since I could walk.  Growing up I played everything, baseball, basketball, football, soccer, you name it I did it.  Sports were my passion and my parents loved that, but they would in no way let that fact interfere with my academic performance.  This was a LAW made evident any and every time I, as a kid, would do what kids do: test boundaries!  They were always willing to accept that challenge and to this day, they remain undefeated in this regard.

I played collegiate football at North Carolina State on a football scholarship and after coaching a few seasons at my Alma Mater, Coral Gables, I had the opportunity to work as a Graduate Assistant for the Middle Tennessee State football program.  Football was a tool I was able to use to get both my Sociology Degree and Masters in Sport Management paid for.  I cannot say they were free, as there is always a price, I believe the most common saying is via "blood sweat and tears". 

I returned home after completing my Masters degree to pursue a head coaching position and was able to do so, again at my Alma mater.  After 15 years of coaching with 10 as a head coach, I decided it was time for a change.

As a coach, specifically football, I think the ability to help a person find their motive in times of extreme fatigue, both mental and physical, is worth it's weight in gold: on the field or in the classroom.

So in my moving forward, my writing is based more on the motive in motivation.  From my experience in the classroom, weight room, and football field, the difference between people's actions and words has always intrigued me.  The real measurable difference in action and intensity between comfort and tribulation, along with the ability, at times, to bring the two closer together is just an interesting phenomenon.

Nothing exists on a singular plane, and my writing is an attempt to dig deeper into motive, into what goes on inside, I truly hope you enjoy the journey.

I have been a teacher and coach for the better part of 15 years.  Essentially, coaching and teaching are the same thing, the only difference lies in subject matter: probably the intensity as well for what it's worth!  

Through the different positions I have held as a coach; assistant, weight room coordinator, graduate assistant, defensive Coordinator, and finally head coach.  My drive to inspire and motivate has always been the attribute I've found to hold the most power. 

Whether it was in the classroom, on the football field, or the weight room, the silence that falls over a group when what you're saying speaks to the heart, maybe even a person's being, is deafening.  My writing is an attempt to accomplish the same feat through a different discipline.  It is with faith, hope, and confidence that I place words on paper.


“vi veri veniversum vivus vici”


Aleister Crowley


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